"Camille is an incredible mentor for any independent artist who wants their online business to be a success"



I am a GIA certified jewelry designer, gemologist, goldsmith and founder of THE CHARMED LIFE - a spiritually driven service created to have a profound influence on designers seeking endless opportunities online

I run my business from my beautiful studio in Upstate, New York where I live with my boyfriend and my Hemingway cat Mitty. I sell my jewelry online and in person by private appointment only.

I use Tarot, digital programs and one on one coaching to influence extremely talented women to run creative based businesses online

My dream was to travel the world and sell my jewelry while doing so. This year alone I will have visited, Bali, Iceland, Canada, Taiwan, California, Massachusetts, Vermont, Texas, Arizona, France and Italy. 

I was inspired to do this work after suffering from depression and impulsive behavior for many years. Designing was the only thing that gave me stability. 

I believe there are not enough artists openly healing the world and accepting the compensation they deserve.

It makes me incredibly sad when I see artists who are not promoting their work or living their dreams.

No matter your obstacles, financial situation or experience you can tap into your dreams and create a charmed business.


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