Are You a Gypsy Witch Too?

I never wanted to build a business that would require me to hold traditional hours or keep me in one place. I'm a free bird and I always will be. I constructed my jewelry business to be portable from the get-go. It was important to me that I could assemble some inventory in a suitcase, get on a plane and sell it to people I met along the way. 

There was only a few problems with this, I was only making enough money to pay for my trips and I wasn't fully able to use all of my skills and passions. 

I'm obsessed with drawing, writing, photography, skateboarding, snowboarding, business, helping people, web development, marketing, branding, graphic design, product packaging, reading, learning, practicing spirituality, stand up paddle boarding, tarot, gems and crystals, jewelry, running, hiking, public speaking, fly fishing, makeup, cooking and so much more.

When I finally decided not to limit myself to just one thing, I knew it was going to be everything I had ever dreamed of. I decided I would combine all of these passions into one business and live my true life's purpose. 

When you are able to fully connect to your true-self, find your personal alignment and practice your strengths, everything falls into place. You can make your thoughts  a reality by pursuing your wildest dreams with some small shifts in perception.

My mom always says:

"Do something that comes easily to you and is hard for others - find something you would do if you were being paid or not - find a way to help people and the money will take care of itself"

Jewelry is my job, coaching is my calling.

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"Camille is an incredible mentor for any independent woman who wants their online business to be a success"


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Why I CreatedMy Brand Online


"Letting go of the 'hard work' model does not mean you do not take action. It means you access flow and take inspired action. When you are tuned into the flow (universal life force, Qi, prana) it means that you are now channeling the part of you that has access to universal forces. You will feel an activation of your kundalini energy, your etheric gifts, divine timing, synchronicity and your inherent ability to create magic and miracles"

-Maryam Hasnaa // Alternative & holistic healer


I started my career online as a jewelry designer in 2006.

After many years of overworking myself into burnout, I was broke, unhappy and uninspired. My limiting beliefs and lack mindset were destroying me. I wanted to find my calling.

When I slowed down, stopped attacking myself, surrendered to the universe and started following my true passions, amazing things started happening. I was asked to be featured in Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, Elle and Vanity Fair - celebrities like Alicia Keys and Rachael Ray wanted to wear my jewelry and I was feeling like I was finally getting somewhere with my business.

The universe was compensating me for doing the work I was called to do.

You are no exception to the law of divine compensation, you were put on this earth to pursue your calling,

but overworking yourself into a burnout will not bring you the fulfillment you deserve.

In 2017, I chose to launch my dream-come-true coaching practice so that I could help women like you tap into their deep seeded desires. All while sitting in my bikini poolside from the self-development mecca of the world; Bali, Indonesia.


My Story

I am a GIA certified jewelry designer, gemologist, goldsmith and founder of The Alchemy Workshop - An online business course for witchy creatives. I believe that all artists should be able to run their businesses the way they want to.

I work from my beautiful studio in Upstate, New York where I live with my Hemingway cat Mitty. I sell my artwork in person by private appointment only.

I use Tarot, digital programs and one on one coaching to influence talented women to elevate their creative-based businesses online

My dream was to travel the world and sell my jewelry while doing so. Last year alone I will have visited, Bali, Taiwan, California, Massachusetts, Vermont, Texas, Arizona, and Italy. 

I was inspired to do this work after having so many lonely moments as a solo-preneur. I never had a mentor that resonated with me throughout my career as a designer.

I believe there are not enough artists openly healing the world and accepting the compensation they deserve.

It makes me incredibly sad when I see artists who are not promoting their work or living their dreams.

No matter your obstacles, financial situation or experience you can tap into your dreams and turn any creative business into gold.


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