I went analog for a week and here's what happened...

Welcome to every creatives worst nightmare

However harmless a scroll through your Instagram feed might seem, the reality is that you are actually being manipulated into reprogramming your brain. Social media apps like Instagram are designed to be addictive with the sole purpose of turning a profit by using the exchange of empty tokens in the form of likes and content views.

Not only can this block your artistic efforts but constantly seeing the highlight reel of hundreds of accounts every day can effectively harm your self-esteem. You might feel like you can't keep up with these people but it's important to remember that there is most likely a team of highly trained professionals behind the majority of these photoshoots. Drowning yourself in heavily edited, well planned out "glimpses" can totally increase your risk of depression, anxiety and a handful of other health problems. This is not a peek into peoples lives that we are admiring, these photos are made from hours of planning, practice and years of perfecting the skill of photography. They're not just pictures, they are creative works of art. And isn't that what we love so much about Instagram in the first place?

Getting back to what it's all about

Everyone, including influencers, complain about the algorithm. But the math is there for an important reason. To benefit the top of the pyramid starting with the owners of Instagram. This equation was engineered specifically so that your behavior can be auctioned off and turned into a highly desirable data bundle. Ad agencies pay out millions of dollars for this data and the vicious cycle repeats as long as you continue to use the service. It sounds like a conspiracy theory but it really is happening every single time you double tap, scroll or swipe.

You're probably saying to yourself "Wow Camille - way to be a downer" but I'm telling you this because I believe there is a solution. There is a sweet spot for finding success and happiness on Instagram and it all starts with getting back to what Instagram is all about in the first place - content creation.

Three steps to the social media sweet spot

  1. What kind of user are you?

Establishing what kind of user you are is the most important thing you can do when managing a creative Instagram account. There are two kinds of people on social media. There are creators and consumers. Consumers are the ones who are buying products and services, scrolling relentlessly and willingly selling their behavior to corporations. Creators are the ones inspiring others to create through intense commitment and a talented eye for design. Succeeding at using Instagram is no simple task. It takes a lot of hard work, discipline, style, and consistency. Decide what kind of user you are and stick with it.

       2. Detox

I highly recommend deleting Instagram from your phone for at least a week no matter where you are in your business. It sounds terrifying but you will be pleasantly surprised with the results. This time spent away from the app will allow you to regenerate your creative mind. You will see the world differently and in turn, you will be able to see your brand in a new light. I promise, no one will even notice you went silent, and if they do then they will appreciate you that much more when you come back online.

       3. Focus on creation, not consumption

An 80:20 ratio is a pretty realistic balance for creation vs consumption. If you can consciously integrate this balance into your life, you will see significant freedom in your creative avenues. Use your detox to stock content, schedule your posts using Planoly or UNUM, and start writing your story. Try to add scrolling to the majority of people in the consumption category. If you can focus on posting instead of scrolling 80% of the time you will be preventing so much of that creative block that we all fear.

The things I learned from going silent on social media.

"Do it for the gram" is just about the most destructive thing we can do for ourselves as artists. After nearly 7 years of being on Instagram almost every single day I decided it was time to take a break. For one week I went silent on the radio. I did things that completely changed my life that I never thought I would ever do or experience and the best part was that I was able to fully feel what it was like to do these things.

I went to a skate contest in Waikiki where I got to watch some of my favorite skateboarders rip around a gnarly old school ramp. I went skydiving with my friends without feeling the need to document the whole thing just for the sake of a social media post. I hiked mountains without my phone and allowed myself to be conscious in nature. I wasn't stuck on my phone the whole time and even though I was filming parts of my life and taking photos while detoxing I was able to take my time and stock appropriately. The less spontaneity, the more time I had to carefully curate my future posts. I was able to feel a deeper connection with those close to me and I wasn't constantly scrolling at the dinner table or reaching for my phone the second the room felt uncomfortable. I was able to actually listen to people, engage, and react with a clear mind.

What else can I do to prevent blocks in my creativity and business?

I want to help you gain complete control over your creative endeavors and harness your true power on social media. Since stepping back from Instagram in such a raw way to enjoy my life, I've discovered many things that I would love to share with you.

I've built an online course for those who consider themselves "The Creators". This workshop is for anyone who wants a deeper look into how to organize and manage your online business as a creative entrepreneur. In this course, I will be showing you how to take a step back, create content in a conscious way, maintain consistency and manage a healthy balance of creation vs. consumption to avoid a creative block. Most importantly, I show you how to shape your brand in the most simple and concise way to impress your current followers and gain new potential clients by building your community.

This course is regularly $295 but I'm offering it at a discount for preorders only. This course will be for sale at $250 until May 1, 2018. Click the button below to sign up. "The Creators Workshop" will be available for download on May 2nd, 2018. As for more news, blog posts and updates make sure you sign up for the newsletter in the announcement bar.


Become a Universe Whisperer

I just got home from LA yesterday and I am moving to Hawaii in a week. I wasn't sure I would be able to make the LA trip happen due to a lot of obvious reasons. Since I have recently started working on being conscious in my body, I was able to easily make the distinction between intuition and fear. In other words, I am able to sense the difference between aversion and attraction in my gut.

Examples of fear-based excuses I had before deciding to attend this event:

  1. There is not enough money for flights, hotels, food, and fun
  2. There is not enough time to take care of everything I need to do before I move.

It turns out that making it happen was the right decision and coming back home was the hardest part of the whole trip. I noticed I was out of alignment as soon as the plane touched down on the runway in Albany. My anxiety was through the roof and I could tell my senses were not in tune. However, for the duration of my time spent in California, the universe compensated me several times for falling into alignment and taking the risks necessary for my highest good.

Here are a few examples of divine compensation from the universe that I experienced on my trip (validation that my intuition was spot on):

1. I was upgraded to first class TWICE for the same price it would cost me to check one bag and enjoy two bloody mary's in an economy seat.


2. I saw the number 18 several times. Once on 1/18/18 and again on my last day when my airline seat was in row 18c (my birthday is on the 18th and my first and last initials are C).


3. I started a book at the beginning of my first flight and ended it the second the wheels touched down in LA


4. I saw pink everywhere. The color pink stands for unconditional love and understanding and is associated with giving and receiving care. It also happens to be the predominant color for my branding.


5. I stumbled across my dream Gucci bag on rodeo drive. It was pink with the word "LOVE" across the front of it. When serendipity speaks this loudly you cannot deny what is being handed to you. Think of turning down divine timing and synchronicity as impolite. The last thing you want to do is piss off the universe. I knew I had to buy it.


6. I sold jewelry off my body while traveling. This always happens when my inner compass is aligned.


7. I started a Pinterest board for lifestyle goals and added a photo of a pink telephone to post to my Instagram. The next day I walked into a cafe with the exact telephone hanging on the wall. I was able to take my own photo to post on Instagram.


8. The second I felt called to write this blog post about alignment and manifestation, I picked up a book and started reading at the exact point that the author began to talk about Carl Jung's theory of Synchronicity.

 To the left, Pinterest photo I wanted to post to Instagram. To the right, my own photo I took the next day.

To the left, Pinterest photo I wanted to post to Instagram. To the right, my own photo I took the next day.



Fear and anxiety are the only things that will prevent you from moving forward in life. Here are a few tips to live the life that was cosmically designed for you:

Use your imagination to play out each scenario you are about to embark on. Visualize DETAILED interaction with people involved, colors, conversations, spaces, food etc. After doing this exercise for each option, take it down to how you feel in your gut. Take the path that most feels like home.


1. Download some music you will really hate. Force yourself to listen to it loudly
Where do you feel the sense of deviation or disgust?

2. Listen to music you love. 
Where do you feel the sensations of pleasure?

Is your soul speaking to you? I would love to know some examples of divine compensation that you have experienced. Comment below and tell me all about it! 

Did you love this post and know someone else who will love it too? Feel free to share with anyone that comes to mind. I believe this alignment work has the power to heal even the deepest depression, anxiety and addiction. If nothing else, do it for world peace!

Brain Chemistry : A Business Tool

In order to enjoy the money we make we have to be in the right state of mind.

Of course, many people want to get rich and many people think that money is the answer to all of their problems. However, contrary to popular belief, if we focus on our "problems" then these issues will always persist no matter how much money we have.

If we don’t change our habits before we get the money we desire, our patterns will only continue and we will never truly find freedom. Inversely, when you do make the money you desire, you're prepared with a stable, healthy mindset. The same goes for anything in life. A new boyfriend, a new tool or even a business coach isn't going to fix your problems. What will fix your problems is becoming conscious of the fact that we control our happiness every day by CHOOSING it.

But we have to want it. Just as a drug addict makes excuses for why they can't stop using, a drama addict allows negative beliefs to control them and comes up with excuses as to why they can't accomplish their dreams. Wanting to choose love and happiness is something that requires the ability of self-awareness. I call this an ability because it's a gift and it doesn't just happen. We have to be willing and ready to commit to tapping into this consciousness. The connection we have with our minds is a gift that we must not waste.

The way we think can be a type of slavery. One in which we are confined to a set of beliefs that limit us immensely. We are subconsciously encouraged to go into debt by corporations and financial institutions and we are constantly surrounded by money negativity at every level of life.

I know what it's like to be dead broke, and I know what it's like to have money in the bank. I can tell you from experience that my happiness didn't change all that much from one financial position to the other. The reason is that having more money triggers our pleasure hormone called dopamine and the contentment we get from breathing, yoga, meditation and a connection with the earth triggers a real chemical release of serotonin. 

The difference is that dopamine is a short high that escalates quickly but crashes equally as fast. The serotonin is associated with long-term wellbeing. It still takes work to develop a constant stream of happiness but in the end, it's the same as going to the gym to develop a killer physique. Mindset work is something you have to practice every day for as long as you live. A good analogy would be if you're sick, do you want to take a pill that is a quick fix or do you want to actually HEAL yourself?

Here's a ritual you can do to alter your brain chemistry:

This ritual requires pen and paper

1. Write down a goal you want to make happen in the next three months

2. Visualize how it would feel to have completed this goal

3. Write down one positive affirmation you can tell yourself to feel this sense of accomplishment

4. Clearly outline the reason you want to accomplish this goal and why

5. Throughout your day, replace any negative thoughts surrounding this goal with your positive affirmation

Imitation : The Highest Form of Flattery

As a retail jewelry business owner and designer for over a decade, I found myself catching copycats all the time. Let’s face it; the unwritten rule as an artist is that you just don’t knock off your fellow designers. It’s not cool and it doesn’t always sit well with the original maker.

But here’s the thing, everything has been done before and so it’s hard not to copy other people. Especially since we live in a fast-paced modern world where the internet expects so much of us constantly.

However, energetically we have a duty as original creatives to stay calm and collected when someone uses our artwork as inspiration for their own, and here’s why...

When you tell the universe that there isn’t enough to go around, you limit yourself to opportunities that allow abundance into your life. When we say, “There aren’t enough ideas out there for that girl to take mine” we start a chain reaction of limiting beliefs. Not only do we start to lack creatively, but also financially. Saying out loud that we don’t believe there is enough time, money, ideas, or people is limiting and simply not true.

I have a hunch that you’re better than that. You have enough ever-flowing, brilliant ideas to change the world and never let another copy-cat claim your innovation again. When you start to become conscious of this, the impersonator will become irrelevant and will never bother you again.

If you want to rid yourself of your limiting beliefs in your business, and speak about your negative thoughts surrounding this issue, I would love to support you. My 1:1 coaching program to help women overcome their fears in business and replace their negative thoughts with LOVE is called The Alchemy Workshop. It is an online course built like a fashion brand so it will resonate with someone like you. I've created this digital course for any woman who is struggling to find peace in their online business, allow positive transformation and learn more about altar rituals, meditation, automation, and branding. It's time to start living your life the way you have always wanted.



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10 Huge Mistakes I Made in 2017


2017 - My year of transformation. I saw huge success in my jewelry business and also decided that it was no longer fulfilling me. Even though I am incredibly proud of my accomplishments as a Jewelry Designer and I will always consider myself a Jeweler and Gem expert, I realized that a retail job is not what I want out of my life on this earth.

Here are 10 of my biggest mistakes I made while switching careers and moving toward my own personal freedom and happiness.


I started a new business without properly introducing myself and providing enough free content for potential clients - This is the equivalent of walking up to an acquaintance at a party and saying "Hey! I really like your business, but mine is better! Buy my service right now!" Even though many e-business owners I know asked me for help with building their brands online, there were many people in my audience who were left dumbfounded, and no matter how many times I reintroduced myself as an online business and branding coach and NOT a jewelry designer, no one understood me because I wasn't being CLEAR enough. I learned that treating an online platform like more of a social experience and not a free for all playground to sell your product or service is the better way to go. Developing a real relationship with everyone who follows you is so important. 

I made the mistake of believing that my current audience was interested in ME and what I am doing which caused confusion -  People do care about me and they want to know what I'm up to but some people don't all align with me and I'm doing at every second of my life. I felt like I was coming out of the social media closet and saying "HEY! I'M STILL CAMILLE! I'm just not who you thought I was because I've been pretending to be someone else for like 10 years". I learned to not be afraid of who I am and the more authentic I am, the happier I will be and the less confusion my clients will have.

I did not put my best foot forward because I was afraid of what people would think of me. I froze. - This was a huge mistake. I was afraid of my own growth because I didn't want to outshine people that I love. I did not want to lose close friends and family because I was afraid they would think I was crazy for changing my career. The truth is that publicly liberating yourself is the most powerful thing you can do for your health, relationships, and dreams.

I did not always come from a place of love but of desperation and pushiness - I became upset and took negative things people said personally. Instead of standing in my power and believing that my service was valuable, I became defensive out of weakness. I started thinking, "Why don't people believe in me?". The answer was because I was not fully believing in myself. If I truly believed in myself I would not be allowing people to shake me. I would leave the defensiveness and the pushiness to the lesser. I needed to learn to get behind myself because If I didn't then who would bring The Alchemy Workshop to women who are looking for it? Who would advocate for others who are experiencing the same thing?

I promised jewelry to people even though I knew I didn't have any drive to make jewelry - I was promising people jewelry for them and not for myself. I knew that I had absolutely no passion left for my jewelry career but I continued to make promises that I knew I didn't want to fulfill. I learned that I have no business doing things that I don't love; for money, for recognition or for any sense of accomplishment. True success is when you feel happy in your heart and mind.

Instead of detoxing I forced myself to continue posting on social media without any objectives to avoid the "where did she go?" disappearing act - I didn't want to feel that people thought I was abandoning them, so instead of detoxing and taking the time to look deeply at what I wanted, I continued to post on social media without really knowing why. I learned that as long as you are communicating out of love, you aren't doing anyone a disservice by taking time for yourself.

I asked for help but then refused to accept it - I hired people to help me, but instead of giving my full attention to my business I became distracted by my emotions and allowed overwhelm to take over my life. I was hard on my thoughts and forced myself to do things I didn't want to do which resulted in zero action and very little productivity. I learned that asking for help isn't enough, you have to dedicate time and effort to allow it to take the pressure off. Fully surrendering is the biggest strength you can have.

I was not 100% me at all times. I was scared so I pretended to be someone else - Authenticity is the key to the growth of an online business. It becomes an awful lot of work to pretend to be someone else. Always striving to be "the cool girl" is too much pressure. Realizing that you ARE the cool girl is immensely powerful. Embracing your own personal light is the most loving thing you can do for yourself and your clients. There is a reason that celebrities create alter egos and it's so they can't get hurt. Being a powerhouse ain't easy. I had to embrace my true-self in order to vibrate at a level that allowed me that freedom.


I put too much effort into helping people that do not want or need help - I judged others for not wanting to join me on my path to freedom and happiness. This is my journey and only mine. I do not get to ask or expect anything out of people close to me. They are on their own path and my judgment and defensiveness became a place for hatred for myself and for what I was creating. In order to be fully prepared to help others and sell your product or service online, you must be 1000% confident that what you are doing is YOUR OWN and you are unshakably certain that this is your God-given purpose in life. Don't listen to people who tell you to "tone it down a little bit" and don't be afraid that you're offending them. It's not your business if you're offending them. It is their job to unsubscribe.

I did not stand in my own power many times - Allowing yourself to be creative is great but having a purpose is the key to a happy life. Learning to stand up for what I believe my purpose is, made me dive into my work harder than ever before. I learned to not take directions from people who haven't been where I'm going. I learned to stop thinking about the grass on the other side becuse my own grass is more important. I learned to stop focusing on the hurricane and start focusing on grounding my roots. 

Seven Signs You Know You're a Witch

 Artwork by:ybryksenkova on Etsy

Artwork by:ybryksenkova on Etsy

1. You believe in signs and miracles

If you believe that even the smallest sign or taste of success is a miracle then this is the first sign that you are a witch. Asking for a sign from the universe is often a very spiritual thing, especially when you ask for it to appear in nature. 

2. You get excited about divination 

If you are interested in tarot, astrology, palm reading, tea leaf readings, magic 8 balls, ouija or any other form of witchy party-time fun to guide you in your online business then you are probably a witch!

3. You love the moon

If you find the moon light a powerful cleansing tool, or you ask the moon goddess for help with your online business struggles then you are probably a witch. I often ask the moon goddess to fill business bank account with money! This works every time!

4. You love learning new things in unconventional ways

If you love learning and being around people who enjoy similar conversation about your business then chances are you are super witchy. I believe that we see the world differently and that we are constantly searching for important answers in unconventional ways. Our jobs require us to look at things from a witchy perspective.

5. You love to help people

The origin of the word witch came from a historical figure called a Pagan Midwife who was known to her community as a healer. She would heal people with herbs, deliver new born children and give advice to people when they were having troubles. A modern Witch understands that her valuable services and skills are worth compensation. She understands that without her ideal salary, she can't afford to serve the people who need her help.

6. You prefer au naturale

When it comes to healing yourself you prefer natural remedies like acupuncture, non-conventional medicine and organic whole foods to keep you sharp when running your online empire. If you prefer to pop a vitamin everyday to avoid getting sick during cold and flu season rather than dose up on cold medicine after the fact, you're probably a Witch!

7. You dream of having free time to commit fully to your craft

If you love making things, from creating mindful online content to developing natural skin care products you are probably ready to bewitch your brand! If you're trying to boost your sales, bring more value to your current offers or find more clients online - I would love to help support you. Let's get your witchy brand brewing!

101 Groundbreaking Ideas to Transform Your Business

101 groundbreaking ideas that will transform your business (tips they don't give you in business school)


  1. Get clear
  2. Brand yourself
  3. Create content
  4. Forget the rules
  5. Expect your "big break"
  6. Have passion before ambition
  7. Don’t fake it
  8. Collaborate
  9. Hire help
  10. Explore new options
  11. How would your favorite brand do it?
  12. Build an email list everyday
  13. Use hashtags
  14. Get your message out there
  15. Hire a mentor
  16. Respect and worship money
  17. Write down your ideas before bed or in the shower
  18. Listen to your clients
  19. Pay attention to details
  20. Fill a market void
  21. Dream big
  22. Be authentic
  23. Meditate
  24. No goal is out of reach
  25. Create a vision board
  26. Talk to your client before you have them
  27. Travel for inspiration
  28. If you were getting your product or service how would you expect it?
  29. Build a reputation/trust
  30. Give things away for free once in a while
  31. Learn from you mistakes
  32. Read books
  33. Create a kick ass webinar
  34. Burn sage
  35. Share your story
  36. Write a blog post
  37. Make a video of yourself
  38. Re-purpose old stuff
  39. Give up trying to be like everyone on Instagram
  40. Create a style people are inspired by
  41. Let people copy you and laugh because you're already one step ahead of them
  42. Let go of any insecurities
  43. Pay someone to do your taxes
  44. Get rich so you can make more of your amazing product
  45. Get rich so you are able to offer your amazing service
  46. Stoke the fire
  47. Hire your old boss
  48. Be grateful
  49. Take care of yourself first
  50. Believe in your message
  51. Find the worlds largest fishbowl and grow in that
  52. Cry it out
  53. Keep going
  54. Believe that there is a celebrity that wants what you have to offer
  55. Allow career transformations (google the reason the miller company  survived prohibition)
  56. Twist the spine
  57. Breathe
  58. Don't read the news (everyday)
  59. Stop being bossy
  60. Bring champagne and fireworks to every launch
  61. Do something new everyday
  62. Create an irresistibility factor
  63. Be monochromatic but not dull
  64. Change the definition
  65. Get excited!
  66. Tweak your idea at least 10 times before you decide on it
  67. Keep healthy relationships
  68. Have non-monetary-based hobbies
  69. Idolize your environment
  70. Make a cohesive collection
  71. Take a vacation
  72. The order matters
  73. Build suspense
  74. Talk on the phone to your clients
  75. Find out your archetype
  76. Don't take directions from someone who hasn’t been where you're going
  77. Hang out where your ideal client hangs out
  78. Be available but not free
  79. Have ease
  80. Don't be desperate for money (even if you are)
  81. Give yourself a break
  82. Work in time blocks
  83. Manage yourself
  84. Stay polished
  85. Be the face of the brand
  86. Say yes to things that scare you
  87. Say no to things that don't serve you
  88. Work hard as long as you feel good
  89. Aspire to be bigger than you already are
  90. Make a list of things and do the last thing on the list
  91. Become more spiritual
  92. When you're feeling helpless help someone
  93. Invite your clients to an event and tell them to bring friends
  94. Have an open dialogue
  95. Check your email in the afternoon
  96. Hold a healthy amount of accountability
  97. Everything is figure-out-able
  98. Make business calls from the bathroom at your day job
  99. Start somewhere
  100. Don’t be stingy, baby
  101. Give em hell

Successful Photoshoot Tips

I have all the secrets on how to organize, plan and shoot your own photos. Click here to find out more

1. Done is better than perfect! 

2. The camera you know how to use is the best camera in the world

3.  Ask for help! Grab a girlfriend who knows makeup! Good makeup cuts post production down like crazy!

4. Natural light is your best FREE tool

5. Find an interesting venue or a textured wall in your house

6. Scout models. Put out a call to action on facebook and use an aspiring model who needs portraits for their portfolio

7. HAVE FUN!!!

Nina & Dez

In an effort to strike up a conversation about education and independent businesses I would like to introduce my first Q+A guests, the owner of Rose & Dale Photo Co., Nina Young and her boyfriend Dez, a talented creative and founder of the label Pig Food Records.

Located in Upstate New York, Rose & Dale Photo Co. is a mobile photo booth and lounge, housed in a vintage 1963 Airstream Overlander that has been completely renovated from the inside out. The Airstream is a classically beautiful space that is available for hire for weddings, private parties, festivals and any other event where a photobooth is needed.

I’m excited to hear more about Nina’s unique airstream and it’s travels so let’s get right into it!

Tell me a little bit about why you started this business:

I from a young age, I have wanted to be in business for myself, it was always just a matter of what type of business. I had been toying around with the idea of a photobooth company, and literally had a lightbulb moment and the concept of Rose & Dale Photo Co. was born. When considering the business, it was extremely appealing that R&D was a mobile company that could be used anywhere. Traveling has always been top of the list for me , and Dan travels for music so this just seemed to make total sense. 

How long has Rose and dale photo Co been an idea of yours?

It has been a plan since the beginning of 2014. Around March of 2014, I started working on the business plan and cash flow projections and once that was complete, I started the process of asking a bank for a business loan. Almost exactly one year later,  I was approved for the loan. I had taken a personal loan to purchase the Airstream from someone in LA and when the business load came in, renovations began. 


In what way is it most important to support Nina and her lifestyle as an independent business owner?

Whatever way she needs whenever she needs it. If I can do it for her, I will.

You seem to have completely different gigs going on right now. How do you guys inspire each other?

We like a lot of the same things. Design, presentation, communication, good people, good food, good drinks. I'm just really passionate about rap, and she's an actual grown up.

Nina, What advice do you have for anyone who wants to do what you're doing.

As far as running a photobooth business, there are a million out there. Making yours stand above the rest is important. 

Dez, what advice do you have for any guy who has a lady friend who is an aspiring business owner?

Take your time. Make something you're proud of. Learn from your mistakes. Not too much diary. Hydrate. Seriously. 

Rose and Dale Photo co. has a clear inspiration from travel and adventure. If you could list places you want to go with your business where would you go?

I absolutely want to bring the Airstream back out west. The RV culture there is huge so there is a very large support system for it. I am fascinated with the desert and would love to be able to take a work trip for a month or two to spend time discovering. When I drove to pick up, and tow back the Airstream, we took the Southern route, so revisiting New Mexico, Nevada, Utah, Arizona is high on the list. Also, I really want to take the Airstream and be a part of the New Orleans Jazz Fest. I was fortunate enough to go years ago, and think it would be so much fun to be able to be a part of it with the business. 

Do you have any non business trips planned?

Finland. Costa Rica. 


What are some challenges you have had to overcome with bootstrapping your airstream trailer photo business?

There have been a number of them! Managing new stresses while maintaining another full-time job, relationship, financial responsibility, and some sort of a social life has been a constant challenge. I have gotten much better at it, but I still do struggle sometimes with keeping it all together. Also, with no prior rv towing experience, I have had to learn everything about towing and powering the Airstream, which in the beginning was super intimidating. Driving cross country with the Airstream was my crash course and I was terrified. But just like anything, with a little courage and practice, it becomes second nature.  I have learned that new experiences will always bring a little discomfort and intimidation, but one step at a time and I seem to get through it. I also have been extremely lucky to have my support system though. I would not have been able to do any of this without them. Dan said it above, whatever I need that he can do, he does, and I am so lucky to have that support. 

To book the airstream or find out more about Rose and Dale Photo co. visit http://www.roseanddalephotoco.com/

And be sure to check out Dan’s music at https://pigfoodrecords.bandcamp.com