101 Groundbreaking Ideas to Transform Your Business

101 groundbreaking ideas that will transform your business (tips they don't give you in business school)


  1. Get clear
  2. Brand yourself
  3. Create content
  4. Forget the rules
  5. Expect your "big break"
  6. Have passion before ambition
  7. Don’t fake it
  8. Collaborate
  9. Hire help
  10. Explore new options
  11. How would your favorite brand do it?
  12. Build an email list everyday
  13. Use hashtags
  14. Get your message out there
  15. Hire a mentor
  16. Respect and worship money
  17. Write down your ideas before bed or in the shower
  18. Listen to your clients
  19. Pay attention to details
  20. Fill a market void
  21. Dream big
  22. Be authentic
  23. Meditate
  24. No goal is out of reach
  25. Create a vision board
  26. Talk to your client before you have them
  27. Travel for inspiration
  28. If you were getting your product or service how would you expect it?
  29. Build a reputation/trust
  30. Give things away for free once in a while
  31. Learn from you mistakes
  32. Read books
  33. Create a kick ass webinar
  34. Burn sage
  35. Share your story
  36. Write a blog post
  37. Make a video of yourself
  38. Re-purpose old stuff
  39. Give up trying to be like everyone on Instagram
  40. Create a style people are inspired by
  41. Let people copy you and laugh because you're already one step ahead of them
  42. Let go of any insecurities
  43. Pay someone to do your taxes
  44. Get rich so you can make more of your amazing product
  45. Get rich so you are able to offer your amazing service
  46. Stoke the fire
  47. Hire your old boss
  48. Be grateful
  49. Take care of yourself first
  50. Believe in your message
  51. Find the worlds largest fishbowl and grow in that
  52. Cry it out
  53. Keep going
  54. Believe that there is a celebrity that wants what you have to offer
  55. Allow career transformations (google the reason the miller company  survived prohibition)
  56. Twist the spine
  57. Breathe
  58. Don't read the news (everyday)
  59. Stop being bossy
  60. Bring champagne and fireworks to every launch
  61. Do something new everyday
  62. Create an irresistibility factor
  63. Be monochromatic but not dull
  64. Change the definition
  65. Get excited!
  66. Tweak your idea at least 10 times before you decide on it
  67. Keep healthy relationships
  68. Have non-monetary-based hobbies
  69. Idolize your environment
  70. Make a cohesive collection
  71. Take a vacation
  72. The order matters
  73. Build suspense
  74. Talk on the phone to your clients
  75. Find out your archetype
  76. Don't take directions from someone who hasn’t been where you're going
  77. Hang out where your ideal client hangs out
  78. Be available but not free
  79. Have ease
  80. Don't be desperate for money (even if you are)
  81. Give yourself a break
  82. Work in time blocks
  83. Manage yourself
  84. Stay polished
  85. Be the face of the brand
  86. Say yes to things that scare you
  87. Say no to things that don't serve you
  88. Work hard as long as you feel good
  89. Aspire to be bigger than you already are
  90. Make a list of things and do the last thing on the list
  91. Become more spiritual
  92. When you're feeling helpless help someone
  93. Invite your clients to an event and tell them to bring friends
  94. Have an open dialogue
  95. Check your email in the afternoon
  96. Hold a healthy amount of accountability
  97. Everything is figure-out-able
  98. Make business calls from the bathroom at your day job
  99. Start somewhere
  100. Don’t be stingy, baby
  101. Give em hell