10 Huge Mistakes I Made in 2017


2017 - My year of transformation. I saw huge success in my jewelry business and also decided that it was no longer fulfilling me. Even though I am incredibly proud of my accomplishments as a Jewelry Designer and I will always consider myself a Jeweler and Gem expert, I realized that a retail job is not what I want out of my life on this earth.

Here are 10 of my biggest mistakes I made while switching careers and moving toward my own personal freedom and happiness.


I started a new business without properly introducing myself and providing enough free content for potential clients - This is the equivalent of walking up to an acquaintance at a party and saying "Hey! I really like your business, but mine is better! Buy my service right now!" Even though many e-business owners I know asked me for help with building their brands online, there were many people in my audience who were left dumbfounded, and no matter how many times I reintroduced myself as an online business and branding coach and NOT a jewelry designer, no one understood me because I wasn't being CLEAR enough. I learned that treating an online platform like more of a social experience and not a free for all playground to sell your product or service is the better way to go. Developing a real relationship with everyone who follows you is so important. 

I made the mistake of believing that my current audience was interested in ME and what I am doing which caused confusion -  People do care about me and they want to know what I'm up to but some people don't all align with me and I'm doing at every second of my life. I felt like I was coming out of the social media closet and saying "HEY! I'M STILL CAMILLE! I'm just not who you thought I was because I've been pretending to be someone else for like 10 years". I learned to not be afraid of who I am and the more authentic I am, the happier I will be and the less confusion my clients will have.

I did not put my best foot forward because I was afraid of what people would think of me. I froze. - This was a huge mistake. I was afraid of my own growth because I didn't want to outshine people that I love. I did not want to lose close friends and family because I was afraid they would think I was crazy for changing my career. The truth is that publicly liberating yourself is the most powerful thing you can do for your health, relationships, and dreams.

I did not always come from a place of love but of desperation and pushiness - I became upset and took negative things people said personally. Instead of standing in my power and believing that my service was valuable, I became defensive out of weakness. I started thinking, "Why don't people believe in me?". The answer was because I was not fully believing in myself. If I truly believed in myself I would not be allowing people to shake me. I would leave the defensiveness and the pushiness to the lesser. I needed to learn to get behind myself because If I didn't then who would bring The Alchemy Workshop to women who are looking for it? Who would advocate for others who are experiencing the same thing?

I promised jewelry to people even though I knew I didn't have any drive to make jewelry - I was promising people jewelry for them and not for myself. I knew that I had absolutely no passion left for my jewelry career but I continued to make promises that I knew I didn't want to fulfill. I learned that I have no business doing things that I don't love; for money, for recognition or for any sense of accomplishment. True success is when you feel happy in your heart and mind.

Instead of detoxing I forced myself to continue posting on social media without any objectives to avoid the "where did she go?" disappearing act - I didn't want to feel that people thought I was abandoning them, so instead of detoxing and taking the time to look deeply at what I wanted, I continued to post on social media without really knowing why. I learned that as long as you are communicating out of love, you aren't doing anyone a disservice by taking time for yourself.

I asked for help but then refused to accept it - I hired people to help me, but instead of giving my full attention to my business I became distracted by my emotions and allowed overwhelm to take over my life. I was hard on my thoughts and forced myself to do things I didn't want to do which resulted in zero action and very little productivity. I learned that asking for help isn't enough, you have to dedicate time and effort to allow it to take the pressure off. Fully surrendering is the biggest strength you can have.

I was not 100% me at all times. I was scared so I pretended to be someone else - Authenticity is the key to the growth of an online business. It becomes an awful lot of work to pretend to be someone else. Always striving to be "the cool girl" is too much pressure. Realizing that you ARE the cool girl is immensely powerful. Embracing your own personal light is the most loving thing you can do for yourself and your clients. There is a reason that celebrities create alter egos and it's so they can't get hurt. Being a powerhouse ain't easy. I had to embrace my true-self in order to vibrate at a level that allowed me that freedom.


I put too much effort into helping people that do not want or need help - I judged others for not wanting to join me on my path to freedom and happiness. This is my journey and only mine. I do not get to ask or expect anything out of people close to me. They are on their own path and my judgment and defensiveness became a place for hatred for myself and for what I was creating. In order to be fully prepared to help others and sell your product or service online, you must be 1000% confident that what you are doing is YOUR OWN and you are unshakably certain that this is your God-given purpose in life. Don't listen to people who tell you to "tone it down a little bit" and don't be afraid that you're offending them. It's not your business if you're offending them. It is their job to unsubscribe.

I did not stand in my own power many times - Allowing yourself to be creative is great but having a purpose is the key to a happy life. Learning to stand up for what I believe my purpose is, made me dive into my work harder than ever before. I learned to not take directions from people who haven't been where I'm going. I learned to stop thinking about the grass on the other side becuse my own grass is more important. I learned to stop focusing on the hurricane and start focusing on grounding my roots.