Become a Universe Whisperer

I just got home from LA yesterday and I am moving to Hawaii in a week. I wasn't sure I would be able to make the LA trip happen due to a lot of obvious reasons. Since I have recently started working on being conscious in my body, I was able to easily make the distinction between intuition and fear. In other words, I am able to sense the difference between aversion and attraction in my gut.

Examples of fear-based excuses I had before deciding to attend this event:

  1. There is not enough money for flights, hotels, food, and fun
  2. There is not enough time to take care of everything I need to do before I move.

It turns out that making it happen was the right decision and coming back home was the hardest part of the whole trip. I noticed I was out of alignment as soon as the plane touched down on the runway in Albany. My anxiety was through the roof and I could tell my senses were not in tune. However, for the duration of my time spent in California, the universe compensated me several times for falling into alignment and taking the risks necessary for my highest good.

Here are a few examples of divine compensation from the universe that I experienced on my trip (validation that my intuition was spot on):

1. I was upgraded to first class TWICE for the same price it would cost me to check one bag and enjoy two bloody mary's in an economy seat.


2. I saw the number 18 several times. Once on 1/18/18 and again on my last day when my airline seat was in row 18c (my birthday is on the 18th and my first and last initials are C).


3. I started a book at the beginning of my first flight and ended it the second the wheels touched down in LA


4. I saw pink everywhere. The color pink stands for unconditional love and understanding and is associated with giving and receiving care. It also happens to be the predominant color for my branding.


5. I stumbled across my dream Gucci bag on rodeo drive. It was pink with the word "LOVE" across the front of it. When serendipity speaks this loudly you cannot deny what is being handed to you. Think of turning down divine timing and synchronicity as impolite. The last thing you want to do is piss off the universe. I knew I had to buy it.


6. I sold jewelry off my body while traveling. This always happens when my inner compass is aligned.


7. I started a Pinterest board for lifestyle goals and added a photo of a pink telephone to post to my Instagram. The next day I walked into a cafe with the exact telephone hanging on the wall. I was able to take my own photo to post on Instagram.


8. The second I felt called to write this blog post about alignment and manifestation, I picked up a book and started reading at the exact point that the author began to talk about Carl Jung's theory of Synchronicity.

 To the left, Pinterest photo I wanted to post to Instagram. To the right, my own photo I took the next day.

To the left, Pinterest photo I wanted to post to Instagram. To the right, my own photo I took the next day.



Fear and anxiety are the only things that will prevent you from moving forward in life. Here are a few tips to live the life that was cosmically designed for you:

Use your imagination to play out each scenario you are about to embark on. Visualize DETAILED interaction with people involved, colors, conversations, spaces, food etc. After doing this exercise for each option, take it down to how you feel in your gut. Take the path that most feels like home.


1. Download some music you will really hate. Force yourself to listen to it loudly
Where do you feel the sense of deviation or disgust?

2. Listen to music you love. 
Where do you feel the sensations of pleasure?

Is your soul speaking to you? I would love to know some examples of divine compensation that you have experienced. Comment below and tell me all about it! 

Did you love this post and know someone else who will love it too? Feel free to share with anyone that comes to mind. I believe this alignment work has the power to heal even the deepest depression, anxiety and addiction. If nothing else, do it for world peace!