Imitation : The Highest Form of Flattery

As a retail jewelry business owner and designer for over a decade, I found myself catching copycats all the time. Let’s face it; the unwritten rule as an artist is that you just don’t knock off your fellow designers. It’s not cool and it doesn’t always sit well with the original maker.

But here’s the thing, everything has been done before and so it’s hard not to copy other people. Especially since we live in a fast-paced modern world where the internet expects so much of us constantly.

However, energetically we have a duty as original creatives to stay calm and collected when someone uses our artwork as inspiration for their own, and here’s why...

When you tell the universe that there isn’t enough to go around, you limit yourself to opportunities that allow abundance into your life. When we say, “There aren’t enough ideas out there for that girl to take mine” we start a chain reaction of limiting beliefs. Not only do we start to lack creatively, but also financially. Saying out loud that we don’t believe there is enough time, money, ideas, or people is limiting and simply not true.

I have a hunch that you’re better than that. You have enough ever-flowing, brilliant ideas to change the world and never let another copy-cat claim your innovation again. When you start to become conscious of this, the impersonator will become irrelevant and will never bother you again.

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