Brain Chemistry : A Business Tool

In order to enjoy the money we make we have to be in the right state of mind.

Of course, many people want to get rich and many people think that money is the answer to all of their problems. However, contrary to popular belief, if we focus on our "problems" then these issues will always persist no matter how much money we have.

If we don’t change our habits before we get the money we desire, our patterns will only continue and we will never truly find freedom. Inversely, when you do make the money you desire, you're prepared with a stable, healthy mindset. The same goes for anything in life. A new boyfriend, a new tool or even a business coach isn't going to fix your problems. What will fix your problems is becoming conscious of the fact that we control our happiness every day by CHOOSING it.

But we have to want it. Just as a drug addict makes excuses for why they can't stop using, a drama addict allows negative beliefs to control them and comes up with excuses as to why they can't accomplish their dreams. Wanting to choose love and happiness is something that requires the ability of self-awareness. I call this an ability because it's a gift and it doesn't just happen. We have to be willing and ready to commit to tapping into this consciousness. The connection we have with our minds is a gift that we must not waste.

The way we think can be a type of slavery. One in which we are confined to a set of beliefs that limit us immensely. We are subconsciously encouraged to go into debt by corporations and financial institutions and we are constantly surrounded by money negativity at every level of life.

I know what it's like to be dead broke, and I know what it's like to have money in the bank. I can tell you from experience that my happiness didn't change all that much from one financial position to the other. The reason is that having more money triggers our pleasure hormone called dopamine and the contentment we get from breathing, yoga, meditation and a connection with the earth triggers a real chemical release of serotonin. 

The difference is that dopamine is a short high that escalates quickly but crashes equally as fast. The serotonin is associated with long-term wellbeing. It still takes work to develop a constant stream of happiness but in the end, it's the same as going to the gym to develop a killer physique. Mindset work is something you have to practice every day for as long as you live. A good analogy would be if you're sick, do you want to take a pill that is a quick fix or do you want to actually HEAL yourself?

Here's a ritual you can do to alter your brain chemistry:

This ritual requires pen and paper

1. Write down a goal you want to make happen in the next three months

2. Visualize how it would feel to have completed this goal

3. Write down one positive affirmation you can tell yourself to feel this sense of accomplishment

4. Clearly outline the reason you want to accomplish this goal and why

5. Throughout your day, replace any negative thoughts surrounding this goal with your positive affirmation