2013 CC Gift Guide

J. CREW Stadium Cloth Captain Coat - $398
A feminine version of a menswear staple, styled in our exclusive stadium-cloth
(inspired by old-school stadium blankets and crafted by Italy's famed Nello Gori mill,
it's a compact, high-density wool that adds tremendous warmth without the bulk).
All the iconic details like anchor buttons remain, but our designers opted for a
slightly longer length and a straight fit to give it a more modern (but still timeless) feel.
    Gold Leaf Seasons Calendar $34
    Beautiful 2014 calendar print with gold leaf showcases the solstices (at the sides) and equinoxes
    (at the top/bottom) - making each season its own quadrant. The astrological signs are lined
    up with their constellations according to where they fall in the calendar year. The hand
    gold-leafed moons show what phase the moon will be in during the equinoxes and solstices.
    Magritte: Pipe Tray $34
    For seriously enlightened cocktail party conversations, provoke deep
    and philosophical banter at your next shindig with this serving tray,
    which depicts surrealistRené Magritte's "La trahison des images." You and your
    guests can impress with art-history recall, as you debate the fine line between
    representation and object, all over a well-displayed vegetable platter.
    Natalie Sun Cube Clock $38
    Designer Natalie Sun's streamlined Cube Clock is sure to bring an element
    of elevated artistry to anyone's morning snooze-button smacking marathon.
    Its anti-tech persona—it looks like nothing more than a simple wooden cube
    when idle—is quickly transformed by the snap or tap of a finger, each
    of which activates the illuminated display and reveals the time, date and
    temperature. Though "the blend of streamlined organic object and technical
    function" is likely the last thing you'll consider as you tap that snooze
    button, just one last time.
    Free People Hunting Fairisle Tall Sock $28
    Extra tall knit socks with a traditional striped sweater design. freepeople.com
    Catbird Cat Eye Sleep Mask $24
    Kittens! It's time for a cat nap.
    Cocktail Kingdom Professional Ice Ball Maker $150
    Even a simple pour of whiskey is enhanced by a perfect sphere of ice. Create your
    own at home with Cocktail Kingdom's ice ball maker,which turns square cubes into
    slow-melting, two-inch balls of ice.

    John Derian Chair Ornament $84
    John Derian's most iconic images have been given a festive treatment for the holidays. 
    Handmade in Poland, each glass ornament is free blown or blown into a sculpted mold,
    then handsilvered and painted. Expect variations from piece to piece. 
    Lonely Grape Convertible Bra $64
    Floral burgundy grape lace in the front with scalloped elastic trim. Elastic velvet
    adjustable shoulder straps and around the rib is an adjustable closure which can be
    wrapped around the body twice so it crosses in the center back
    and then closes in the front. 
    Austin Press Merci Beucoup Cards $22
    If Austin Press had become a farmer, we’d probably be taking six foot
    green beans for granted! Fortunately, for a couple of million fans,
    Austin Press decided to forsake the farm fields and traded in that
    old pistol to buy a Chandler & Price press. A technician with soul. A stylist with genius. A true artist.
    The finest ephemera coming to you from San Francisco.

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