The Travel Diaries Vol. 3: Austin, TX SXSW

 Leaving home is always tough because my work is so important to me. My space has everything 

I could need; My workbench, my office, my kitchen and my precious ragdoll kitty, Thaddeus.


Despite all of my domestic delights, I will always pack my bags when I’m invited on an adventure. Hanging

out in Austin, Texas with some of my favorite friends and family couldn’t be a better way to 

spend my travel time. I had a chance to mingle with some well known celebrities who have been

CC enthusiasts since the beginning. I also got to meet some amazing musicians, who will 

definitely be seen wearing my brand in the near future. SXSW get’s better year after year, and

every time I visit Austin I fall in love all over again.

The Green Tourmaline Stud Necklace made its major debut at SXSW this year.

Shop the spring catalog here.

The Illuminati Earrings were a huge hit in Austin.

The Clear Crystal Stud Necklace is a staple piece in the collection this season.

Emma Richardson of Band of Skulls


Fans in the front row showing off their CC postcards


March Mixtape - SXSW 

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