Cecropia Moth

I have always been inspired by nature, but sometimes there are creatures on this beautiful planet that appear to us beyond inspiration and make us believe in magic. The other day I found this living, breathing Cecropia moth in the parking lot of my apartment building. I didn't know that they even existed in the northeast, but apparently they are the largest moth native to North America. I have lived here my whole life and I had never seen one before. 

The top frame is an illustration of a Hyalophora cecropia moth. I found it in a book published in the 1800's.

Pictured above is a series of lapel pin illustrations I designed. A firefly with a citrine cabochon. A caterpillar made of rose gold with black and white enamel detail. A Carpenter Ant made of black gold. A Lady Bug with black diamonds and rose gold. A Monarch Butterfly with rose gold, white and black enamel detail and black gold wire filigree.

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