Working Hands in the Garden


While brainstorming ideas for this blog post, my mind filled with images of all the hands that came together to make the Secret Garden Party possible. Every artist featured at the party, used their hands to build magical art that made this event so dream-like.
Our Secret Garden was filled with people from every end of the spectrum. Local business owners, sophisticated art enthusiasts, underground street artists, musicians, pottery artists, photographers, jewelry designers and collectors of all things enchanting.
The mission was to create a bridge between ambitious minds and artists alike in order to bring the community together often, share bright ideas, promote positive energy and evoke happiness. I believe that our statement was profound and we saw first hand how beautifully a community can come together. It made me feel so grateful to live in a place that cares so much about it’s artists. The art scene in Albany is what makes this place so unique.
It is so important to us that you know how grateful we are to you for showing up and supporting us. Those who purchased art, made art, or simply graced us with your presence in the candlelight, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


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