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The first thing I do every morning is make breakfast. It's important that my body is well nourished before my workday starts. Black coffee, eggs and toast are standard. It's easier to do the work that is at hand if I've eaten some protein first. When sitting down at the breakfast table, I like to say a blessing to myself. It helps me stay grateful for everything I have and in turn breeds contentment in every area of my life. I consciously vow to enjoy every bite of my meal and find maximum potential in all of the days activities. After I have something in my tummy I take a few vitamins. Usually Zinc for immune support and vitamin D for strong bones and muscles. Since I have a very active lifestyle, this routine prevents me from hobbling home after an aggressive run or a Pilates session.

Lighting is important. I feel that natural light helps me make better design decisions. Being flooded with sunlight as often as possible keeps my emotional intelligence at a high. Here in New York it's hard to get a lot of light all year round, so I appreciate it when it graces my studio. It's good to be grateful for little things like light. Just like the plant in the photo above, we need sunlight to survive. Plants help cleanse the oxygen in your space and since I work from home, I always try to keep them around. They also give me a sense of responsibility for something other than myself. Keeping them green makes me happy and healthy.

Meditation and positive energy are tools that help me in every aspect of my life. They help me to remember that my outside world does not dictate my internal condition. My thoughts always reflect my reality perfectly.

I like to listen to what my body is craving. If I feel like working from my bed, then I curl up in bed with my laptop and a cup of tea and work. If I feel like eating a piece of dark chocolate after dinner, then I treat myself for a job well done. 

At the end of the night I usually make a list of goals for the next morning. This list usually contains tasks that demand immediate attention, however, being hard on yourself for incompleteness is not productive. The checklist rolls off from day to day since there are often obstacles out of my power that can affect the outcome of a project. Maintaining a healthy level of stress will do wonders for your personal relationships, keep your professional life flowing smoothly and above all - prevent stress related disease from manifesting in your body. 


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