The Secret Treasures of Being a Jeweler

Being a jeweler is the best profession in the world. I am an engeneer, an inventor and a magician. I understand chemistry and the properites of precious metal. I get to design and use my artistic intelligence. I've had to learn tool making and steel forming. I have an undersanding for the trade market of gold and gemstones. I must properly percieve the anatomy of the human body with the intention to create a functioning adornment that can be worn everyday. 

But most of all, I treasure having the power to use an ancient skill to create beauty in the world. I get to play with fire, earth and water in order to bring to life an object that will be coveted for generations. Giving people happiness in a world that might otherwise be filled with darkeness is my greatest pleasure. 


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  • JOhn

    In my garden lived an amazing, brilliant rose that brought me the greatest happiness and filled my darkest days with sweet, scented light! But this Beauty has not bloomed for me for a while and I miss that spectacular flower that always dazzled me!

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