Magic Bag of Tricks


I think most professional women can agree that their bag contains the majority of their life and when your life is something you throw over your shoulder every day it's tough to keep it neat. The key to keeping my magic bag of tricks organized, is simplicity.

Next to my staple jewelry pieces that I wear everyday, this watch is one of my most treasured items. It's a mens antique Waltham from the 1950's. It runs mechanically so there is no battery to change. I do wind it from time to time to keep it in good working condition but as long as I wear it everyday it winds itself. An old boss gave it to me for exceeding at my benchwork. Not a bad promotion! (Also pictured: Noodle Earrings, Pyrite Solitaire & Element Ring in sterling silver)

As a jewelry designer I always have to be prepared that I might meet a customer at any moment. I carry a finger sizer and a measuring tape so I can always measure neck sizes and finger sizes if by chance I meet someone who is interested in placing an order.

The bag itself is the most important element in staying organized. I highly recommend this BAGGU leather tote since it has a very practical design. It fits everything I need, small or large. Sometimes I throw my Macbook and a writing pad in it and I'm ready for some downtime at the library or coffee shop. Since it has a small zipper pocket sewn on the inside I can keep all my small treasures safe as well. We all know how hard it is to keep those bobby pins from disappearing! (BAGGU pouch and tote from Fort Orange General Store)

This small leather pouch is also from BAGGU. I throw my credit cards and cash in here and its perfect for my trusty lipstick too. This one is by NARS and it's called Heat Wave

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