Developing skills, knowledge and connections in the jewelry industry is a talent in itself. Understanding the unique dimensions of this business is an ever-evolving, multi-generational feat. In the 12 years that I have developed my own brand I have finally brought to life a product that I am incredibly proud of. My struggles in the business have taken me over a decade to overcome and I believe that it shouldn’t be that way for every jewelry artist.

I created my mentorship program for the dedicated jewelry designer who wants to represent herself to the world the way that she sees herself in her mind. She is ready to bring her vision to life and create a structured business. The only tool she is missing is the guidance to build her dream brand and create art everyday.

Working with an established designer is a profound opportunity to develop the portfolio that you have always dreamed of creating.

Topics that will be privately discussed on a weekly basis:







Building an audience

Email Marketing

Customer service

Markets & Trade shows


Jewelry Making


How to set up your bench

Industry sources

Jewelry tutorials



Social media

Packaging & display

Website support

Camille teaches group workshops at El Dorado Jewelry Lab in Honolulu and The Hui’ No’eau Visual Arts Center on Maui.

Camille is also the founder of Golden Gal Society, A platform giving you all the tips and inspo to run your jewelry business like a golden goddes

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