Once when I was young someone very close to me read my Tarot on a seemingly insignificant night of my life. He said, "Ask a question and repeat it aloud." The question I came up with off the top of my head was "Where will my life take me?" We both agreed that a single card spread was appropriate. He cut the deck into three piles, asked me to stack them back up from right to left and drew a card off the top of the deck. The word "Death" read very clearly on the bottom of the card as he flipped it face up on the table. I gasped and coved my face in terror. He grabbed my wrist, pulled my hands away from my face and looked me in the eyes. He said, "Camille, the death card doesn't mean you're going to die". A sense of relief came over me. "Don't let the fear distract you from the real message here. This card represents change and transformation". Hearing these words changed my life.

The reason I tell this story is because many people fear what they do not understand. The Tarot is not a game. It is not a toy. It is a tool that is very personal and dear to me which I have never been so public about until now. It has helped me learn that when growth happens, it can be involuntary and you have to let go. Everything happens for a reason. Since that night I have always reached for the tarot when I sense someone is in search of guidance. I have decided to incorporate the mystic powers of the "Wild Unknown" deck into my trade so that I can help people that might not be so close to me geographically. I am so grateful to have the means to provide all of you with something so powerful and healing. It would be my pleasure to show you how to revitalize your spirit and help you grow through words of compassion with the wisdom of the Tarot at hand. 

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