Camille was the first person to ever read tarot cards for me! To be honest, I totally had hesitations and serious fears about possibly getting something scary in the cards. I had been through too much trauma to be able to handle anything even remotely negative! And I was also greatly hesitant about receiving any kind of message for my future. I am a Christian, and such practices of future-telling don't align with my beliefs. But Camille assured me that her practice is one of gentle guidance, and it would never pull anything that might cause me anxiety, or negative anticipation. And she was so spot on. The spread that Camille pulled for me was so on point to everything that had gone on to my life, it was truly astounding. She was able to quickly and easily assess my personality and help guide me into strength and away from fear.  And It also showed me that everything in my life was truly part of a divine plan. I not only walked away with much to think about, but I felt assured and truly divinely provided for. Having Camille as my tarot reader made me realize that it is more about the person then the practice, because that person is a conduit for spiritual forces, and having The right person work with you is of upmost importance I'm so grateful for Camille's radiant and gentle energy, because her presence was truly A guide on my life path.

-Maguire Fitzpatrick, Life + Soul Coach