The Alchemy Workshop

The alchemy workshop is a tailored 1:1 coaching program for The Mystic Millennial. 

I created this service to support artists, makers, movers and shakers in their journey to online greatness. 

Imagine a life where you can run your business from anywhere in the world, create beautiful work and allow yourself success you have only ever dreamed of. 

I proudly present to you




Levitate Your Business to the Next Level



I built my coaching practice for the  witchy online business-woman who believes in branding herself through creative expression. Maybe you have seen success in your career but you aspire to elevate your business by learning new strategies, becoming more authentic and using spiritual tools like Tarot in your practice. 


An Alchemist is always growing, shapeshifting and exceeding her own expectations. She holds adventure in high priority. She wants to heal people, create, inspire and hustle. She is confident that the key to her higher-self is deeply rooted in daily rituals, divination, crystals and of course, making intrinsically motivated art that will change the world.

Let me guess…

You’re done being obedient to your shitty boss everyday

You are proud of the things you make in your free time and you’re ready for the world to see what you’ve been creating

Adventure is one of your true passions and you want to dive deep into different cultures by traveling the world with the little time you have on this planet

You are a true maker. You can’t sit still when that lightbulb goes on in your head.

Nothing will stop you from getting an art project done. Not even basic necessities like sleep or food.

Harness your inner-magic

Get ready to quit that day job! Say peace out to the draining 9-5!

I’ll show you how to set up a badass website so you can make money 24 hours a day from anywhere in the world - Even while you sleep!

Attract only your ideal clients and have your dream collaborations lined up to work with you

I’ll set you up with automation, business solutions and formulas so that when the light bulb goes on, the only thing you have on your to-do list is create.


The Mystic Mogul


  • Cares deeply about helping people but understands the importance of compensation for her work
  • Travels the world while she runs her business full-time
  • Serves her clients in a way that serves her too
  • Lives her wildest dreams and smashes any limiting beliefs into oblivion
  • Inspires everyone around her with every project she pursues
  • Believes in the power of divination tools like Tarot to help guide her business
  • Enjoys building content online but is always open to learning more
  • Believes in magic, miracles and signs
  • Is not afraid to ask for help in areas that are not her strongest
  • Holds maximizing her productivity through automation and in high regard.
  • Leaves self-sabotaging control behind
  • Knows that back-breaking work is a form of self-destruction. Her motto: balance is key
  • Understands that meditation and quieting the mind is a tool she can use to grow her business
  • Shows up for her business everyday because she knows how much the world needs her work
  • Believes that the extraordinary power of the mind can do magical things that defy all reason


I've struggled so much to put myself first when there's so much physical and emotional demand when it comes with being an independent business owner. Camille has taught me how to make time for my own well being so I can shine bright through my brand!

Cailey Passer, Owner of Sage & Brass Adornments



Sick of Riding Solo?

Are you looking for a mentor to motivate you and help you feel more POWERFUL?

Have you seen some success in your business but you feel alone because you haven't found your business boss babe vibe tribe yet?

Do you want to start gaining high-paying clients but you feel anxiety about promoting your brand and selling too hard?

I understand because I felt alone for 10 years running my jewelry business. Every time I would come to a new level, I didn't have anyone to shift my perception and guide me to really knock the ball out of the park

Now I travel the world, I am celebrating my uniqueness with other women like me and I'm standing in my power

I can help YOU raise your vibe, align with more women that think like you and become a great inspiration to those around you so you can sell your product or service like never before



Get Ready to Shapeshift

Join The Alchemy Workshop and gain access to:

1. Six, biweekly, one on one coaching sessions with me

2. A step by step guide for being unapologetically authentic online

3. A secret formula for automating your business so you can enjoy your life

4. Use social media to take your sales to the next level

5. How to be confident SELLING your product or service by using unique, creative expression to brand yourself

6. Meditations and daily rituals to add to your current WITCHY practice

7. Daily sales rituals that are guaranteed to get you high-paying clients



I literally felt like Camille could read into my dreams & wishes. Her advice revealed the energy of self-doubt I’ve been carrying for two years! I am now ready to break out of that shell and begin to move forward in my journey by using my intuitive abilities.

- Annie Mand, Energy Coach & Owner of A Mystical Life




Are you ready to pop that bubbly?

Imagine a life where you have the clarity create valuable products and services that serve amazing women, allows you make enough money to travel the world all while 

Supporting my fellow witchy-biz owners is my greatest passion.

This program is a $2,000 investment

It would be so exciting to work with you.

But first, I would love to hear more about what you need out of The Alchemy Workshop. 


Let's a chat about my services and find out if we are a fit book a call with me below