Welcome to The Charmed Life!

The Charmed Life is a custom apprenticeship program for artists who have seen success in their careers but aspire to run their business online full-time. A Charmed girl is the one who is always making moves. She holds adventure in high priority. She wants to heal people, create, inspire and hustle. She is confident that the key to her higher-self is deeply rooted in daily rituals, divination, crystals and of course, making intrinsically motivated art that will change the world.

Let me guess…

You’re done being obedient to your shitty boss everyday

You are proud of the things you make in your free time and you’re ready for the world to see what you’ve been creating

Adventure is one of your true passions and you want to spend all your time in this life exploring

You are a true maker. You can’t sit still when that lightbulb goes on in your head.

Nothing will stop you from getting an art project done. Not even basic necessities like sleep or food.


Harness your inner-magic

Get ready to quit that day job! Say peace out to the draining 9-5!

I’ll show you how to set up a badass website so you can make money 24 hours a day from anywhere in the world - Even while you sleep!

Attract only your ideal clients and have your dream collaborations lined up to work with you

I’ll set you up with automation, business solutions and formulas so that when the light bulb goes on, the only thing you have on your to-do list is create.

The Charmed girl is a lady who takes care of herself! No more self sabotage! We will work together so that you can make yourself a priority.


A Charmed Girl's Priorities: 

Making her space her sanctuary

Enjoying a life full of adventure above anything else

Serving her ideal clients in a way that serves her too

Living her wildest dreams and smashing any limiting beliefs into oblivion

Inspiring everyone around her with every project she pursues 



I would love to support you 

Surrounding yourself with a positive, inspiring community is priceless… The Charmed Life is a lifestyle. I created this service to positively influence artists who might be struggling with REAL everyday difficulties. It’s time to live the life you have always wanted. Let’s show the world that artists are not on this planet to starve. We are here to empower, revolutionize and heal.