I wrote my Mini Spellbook for The Mystic Millennial so women like you could feel more confident finding their soul-mate clients. In this book you'll find meditations and daily sales rituals to get your cosmic business bumpin'. Get ready for alchemy, babe. This freebie is guaranteed to make you sparkle. #nofilter


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Ten Steps to Become a Mystical Client Magnet

Vol. 1 of The Mystic Millennial Spellbook Series

Getting clients has never been easier with this step by step guide to attract your ideal high paying clients for your service or product-based business. 


I struggled with my jewelry business for years because I always wanted to use my wide variety of skill sets and passions, but still make money so I could travel to exotic places. After some major mindset work I figured out how to make things flow easily. I found a way to put my business in a backpack, travel the world and sell my products and services to women everywhere.

My mission is to help all women find their own personal alignment to create freedom and abundance. Do you have an established creative business keeping you in one place but you want to go nomadic? Do you have a great idea that you want to to develop from a beach resort in a magical place? If so I would love to support you on your journey.


Want to Get Witchy With Me? 

Whether you are looking for an intuitively led tarot reading, a handcrafted piece of fine jewelry or you'd like to work with me in my 1:1 mentorship program to create your own aligned and heart centered online business, I've got you covered. I focus on helping witchy women brand themselves to resonate with soul mate clients while living a laptop lifestyle.


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