Everything You Need To Find Your Soul-Sister Client

                       Everything You Need To Find Your Soul-Sister Client

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I have dedicated my life to figuring out how to maintain a magical life full of freedom through my career as an artist. I read Tarot, I make jewelry and I travel the world. My mission is to empower women to make more money online


This life is too short to look back and wish you had taken more chances. Find what thrills you, make it your life's work and see big results. Money and time are insignificant when you have freedom on your side.



Adoration from the coven


Camille is so loving, intuitive and COOL! She's one of those women with super high vibes, but is also very chill and you just want to have her energy all around you! She helped me understand the card meanings, showed me how to implement change in my life, be more successful and trust my path. My reading instantly shook me out of a thought pattern that I was having trouble getting out of on my own. 

-Amber-Lee Lyons, Lifestyle + Business Coach and Chakra + Modern Meditation Expert


I now trust more than ever that what I do is valuable, that women need my gift to start glowing from the inside out and that I can monetize this passion to live the life I’ve always dreamed of! I recommend Camille and her amazing intuition to gain more confidence and trust in their business.

-Martina Fink - Health & Life Coach + Beauty Expert


Camille was so spot on. The spread that she pulled for me was so on point for everything that had gone on in my life - it was truly astounding. She was able to quickly and easily assess my personality and help guide me into strength and away from fear. I'm so grateful for Camille's radiant and gentle energy, because her presence was truly a guide for my life path.

-Maguire Fitzpatrick, Life + Soul Coach